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Where Is Your Treasure?

Image result for pictures verses on your heart and treasureImage result for pictures verses on your heart and treasure

Image result for pictures verses on your heart and treasureImage result for pictures verses on your heart and treasure

 Image result for pictures verses on your heart and treasureImage result for pictures verses on your heart and treasure
 Image result for pictures verses on your heart and treasureImage result for pictures verses on your heart and treasure

Where Is Your “Treasure”?

From: thenivbible.com

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Matthew 6:21

If something is of genuine value to you, there’s no disguising it. The worth you place on the various things in your life is evident by your priorities. That which means the most to you will get the lion’s share of your time and attention.

That which you treasure, you treat like a treasure.

When your idea of a treasure aligns with God’s idea, life-changing things happen. And the Bible certainly is his idea of a treasure. Consider these characteristics of treasure –

Treasure requires some digging.

Not all of Scripture’s riches are obvious. Some are buried below the surface and can be discovered only through careful study and research. You have a variety of tools at your disposal, from online concordances and dictionaries to websites devoted to specific theological topics.

If the lifting gets too heavy for you, ask a trusted Christian friend or church leader to help you. Drawing on the resources of others is a great way to increase your own spiritual wealth.

Treasure has lasting value.

Conventional treasure is valuable only as currency—or perhaps for display purposes. Once it’s been spent or enjoyed, it loses its luster. The wealth of Scripture, by contrast, lasts a lifetime—with no depreciation at all.

In the Bible’s pages you’ll find everything you need to know about

• Building a personal relationship with the Creator and Sustainer of the universe
• Making wise decisions in every area of your life
• Using your God-given gifts and abilities to their fullest extent
• Repairing broken relationships

The bounty of God’s Word will be as valuable to you when you’re 100 as it was when you were 10!

For Reflection:
With great wealth comes great responsibility. Do you know someone facing difficulties? Perhaps a friend going through a relationship crisis? Someone facing indecision with a major life decision? Maybe a relative is struggling with feelings of guilt, shame or worthlessness. You have a wealth of encouragement, inspiration and guidance in your possession. Find ways to share the treasure you have with others in your life.

Where Your Treasure Is

SEPTEMBER 17, 2010

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal.” Matthew 6:19 (NLT)

I was on my own at 17. I worked two jobs while attending a small community college and eventually left college because I ran out of funds. Three years later I married my husband. Over the next few years babies were born, with medical expenses incurred. Then I got sick: Cancer. It probably won’t surprise you that because of these circumstances, there was a huge need in my life for financial stability.

I pinched pennies. I calculated paychecks to the last dime. I made lists of our debt month after month, figuring out how to pay them off quicker. I think financial gurus would say I was on the right track, but can I be honest? In the midst of my calculations and my overwhelming need for security, pinching pennies became not just a means to meet my goal and take care of our family, but it started to reflect my heart spiritually in the area of giving.

Even after I was secure. Even after our financial status was stable.

We tithed. We gave to others, even sacrificially. But my heart wasn’t in it. As I placed a tithing envelope in the offering, I thought: What about our savings? Shouldn’t we be building it? What about buying something new for us? Our car is older. The miles are racking up.

Friends would have been surprised at the battle that raged inside me. I was ashamed of it. They would have called me generous, but I knew the truth. I had worked so hard for such a long time that I had come to count on Suzie. I obeyed God in this area, but did I trust Him?

I desperately wanted a generous heart, no matter how much was in our bank account. The first thing I felt God asking me to lay down was worry. As I prayed, I went back to all the times God had liberally cared for me. As an unsure young girl alone at 17, His love led me day by day. As a young mom overwhelmed at times, He wrapped me in security and grace. As a 31-year-old woman diagnosed with cancer, He filled me with faith that could only come from Christ.

My confidence in Him had nothing to do with money, but rather His presence in my life. I put worry down, asking for the strength to abide in Him instead of fear.

The second thing I felt God asking me to lay down was resentment. Oh, Father, such a hard word. Are you sure that is the condition of my heart? And yet, there it was. Hidden from others, but clear as day to me and my Savior.

It’s been years since that pivotal moment between me and Jesus. Recently I was talking with one of my daughters. “Remember when you used to worry about money?” she asked. I nodded, smiling. “You seem to be so different, Mom, and yet I know that you and Dad live on a strict budget, especially now that he’s back in school. Do you have money I don’t know about?” she teased.

Yes, baby, I do. But it has nothing to do with my bank account. It’s a different kind of treasure, one that acknowledges how rich I am to have food on the table, a car that starts every time I turn the key, a family that loves me like crazy, and faith that runs deep. It’s a treasure that is nestled inside, that is filled with joy when I drop off books at a shelter, or send a check to sponsor my beautiful Compassion International child, or respond to God’s leading to give more than a tithe. It’s a treasure that is a deep confidence in who God is.

In many ways I’ll always be that 17-year-old girl wanting to be secure, but I’ve found a different kind of security. I may never be wealthy, but believe me when I say this: I’m rich beyond belief. I’m blessed, blessed, blessed.


The Treasure of Your Heart

By: Rob Toornstra,  today.reframemedia.com


Scripture Reading — Matthew 6:19-24

“Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven … for where

your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Matthew 6:20-21 —

At the deepest part of our being lies a longing. A hope. A dream. Something more important to us than anything else. Whatever it is that we treasure most, we will build our lives on it. Whether it is our job, our wealth, our standing in the community, our looks, or something else, we will go to great lengths to gain this treasure. Money and wealth are particularly dazzling treasures that hypnotize many into chasing after its false promises and empty security.

Sadly, much of what we treasure is like a mist. Some treasures are gone in an instant, and others slip away over a lifetime. But only one treasure lasts forever. Jesus wants to be the treasure of our hearts. He wants to be the unrivaled Master that we serve wholeheartedly.

The way to be free from chasing worldly treasures is through worship. In worship we treasure the infinite value of Jesus, who gave his life for us. In worship we delight in the goodness and mercy of our God. We set our hearts on the beauty of our Savior, who loved us when we were unlovable.

When our hearts treasure Jesus through prayer, meditation, song, and Scripture, we are reoriented to what is truly priceless for us. We make an investment that will last forever.

What does your heart treasure?