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Christ Gives Us Complete Victory


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Image result for picture verses on victoryImage result for picture verses on victory 
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Victory over Fear

By: Brooke Espinoza, 1.cbn.com

Black Bart, who robbed 29 Wells Fargo stagecoaches between 1875 and 1883, managed to strike fear in the hearts of his victims. Bart used his evil demeanor to ignite fear in anyone unfortunate to be on or around a Wells Fargo stagecoach during a robbery. Bart used fear to get his victims eyes on their circumstances. He knew distracting his victims from what was true was his only hope for a successful robbery and get away. The truth about Black Bart was in the 29 robberies history documents; he never once fired his gun or took a hostage. I wonder if the victims of his later robberies would have been as afraid, when robbed, if they had just set their mind on that truth. Like Black Bart, Satan uses fear as a tool to distract us from what is true.

Satan’s understanding of who we are in Christ is evidenced by his repeated attempts to get us to submit to fear. When we are fully aware of the truth of who we are in Christ, we will not be afraid. The only thing Satan can do is to distract us from this truth. He does this by attempting to re-direct our focus, from our riches in Christ, onto our seemingly fearful circumstances. Satan knows he can’t rob us of our riches in Christ, so he has no choice but to encourage us to lose sight of all we have and all we are in Christ.

Though we may lose sight of this, at times, God continues to prove Himself faithful in our lives. Remember when the Armenian army surrounded the Israelites camp? (2 Kings 6:15-17) A fear-struck servant came to Elisha with the disheartening news. However, Elisha assured the servant.

So he answered, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” (2 Kings 6:16 NKJV).

Elisha prayed and instantly the servant’s eyes were opened to see the hills, all around, covered with horses and chariots of fire. The truth was that God had provided the Israelites more than enough protection from the Armenians. Elisha’s eyes were on what was true while the servant’s gaze had been distracted by the surrounding enemy. I wonder if the servant would have seen God’s army from the start had he not allowed the enemy to distract him from what was true.

Though, in Christ, I am more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37), on occasion, I allow intimidating circumstances distract me from this truth, and I submit to fear. Just as the turbulent waves of the sea distracted Peter from Jesus’ invitation to walk on water, causing Peter to be consumed by the waves, when I focus on the waves in my life, overwhelming feelings of helplessness rob me of doing the impossible through Christ. Like Peter, when I fix my eyes on Jesus I am able to confidently rise above my fears and miraculously walk to Jesus, by faith, on what previously were my fears.

All throughout the Bible, God instructs people to not fear. Though we may feel sometimes this is easier said than done, it is no coincidence that when you add up all the instances in Scripture where it instructs, “do not fear,” “fear not,” and “be not afraid” they total 365 occurrences — one occurrence for every day of the year. Perhaps this is God’s way of telling us we will never face a day that we will have a valid reason to be afraid. May our faith in Jesus shine so bright, extinguishing all ungodly fears, that those who don’t know Jesus will marvel at our boldness and know, as the Sanhedrin did after witnessing the boldness of Peter and John, that we have been with Jesus. (Acts 4:5-13)


The Victory of Obedience

From: intouch.org

Judges 7:9-25

God providentially orchestrated each element of His plan for Israel’s success. However, if Gideon had disobeyed even one divine command, his army would have suffered instant defeat. Although the Lord’s ways may seem risky or illogical, we can always trust His indisputable wisdom and rely on His mighty power.

God encourages the fainthearted. When the Lord commanded Gideon to attack the enemy, He also provided a way to relieve the leader’s fears. By following God’s directions, Gideon was led to the exact location where he would hear an encouraging message that caused him to bow in worship and arise with great faith.

God removes the things we depend on. Gideon was marching to war with only 300 men armed with trumpets, pitchers, and torches. Their manpower seemed pitiful, and their weapons appeared useless for battle. With traditional means of victory removed, they could rely only upon the Lord.

God works in the enemy’s camp on our behalf. Everything is perfectly timed when God is in control—even the parts we cannot see. While Gideon was obeying each divine command, the Lord was working behind the scenes to ensure victory for Israel. In the enemy’s confusion and fear of darkness, panic led to self-destruction.

The key to a victorious Christian life is obedience. As you follow the Lord, He will faithfully supply you with instructions for each next step. His way may not be the easiest or the most comfortable, but it is always the best. Rely on Him, and He will lead you to victory.

The Power of Victory

From: today.reframemedia


Scripture Reading — Revelation 21:1-8

Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. — Revelation 21:7

Our family is a soccer family. We love the game, and it is something we all enjoy both watching and doing. We spend a fair amount of time at soccer fields. Over the years our children have had the opportunity to play for several teams. Some of those teams won many games. Some did not. And while it always feels good to go home with a win in the scorebook, we also know that the final score does not always reflect which team put forth the best effort.

The power of Jesus’ resurrection gives us victory over sin and death. The victory is secure because of what Christ did, not because of any efforts we put forth. All who trust him as their Savior and confess their sins are assured of this victory and all the benefits it brings.

One of the valuable lessons our children learned through soccer is how to be gracious in victory. Similarly, it’s important to be gracious to others in the victorious confidence in which we live each day because of Christ’s victory. Our confidence is not an attitude of superiority and privilege but, rather, one of grace, humility, and love.

Today, know that the victory of the resurrection is yours in Jesus, and humbly live in the confidence of that victory.


Lord, there is no way we can repay you or thank you enough for offering us the victory over sin and death. Help us to live graciously and lovingly in the confidence of your strength. In the power of your name, Amen.