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There Is Power in the Blood of Jesus

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There Is Power in the Blood of Jesus

By: Sandie Freed, 1.cbn.com

Out of all of the tribes of Israel, there was one specific tribe anointed and appointed to know and understand the times and seasons—the tribe of Issachar. Scripture describes the sons of Issachar (those in this particular tribe) as those who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (1 Chronicles 12:32).

Precious believer, I am certain that each of us has this same anointing—to recognize what season we are now in and also what to do during this season. Knowing that we are entering into a time of great celebration of Christ’s resurrection causes us to focus more on what was accomplished at the Cross and the power that is in the blood that He shed. We are being equipped by heaven to receive present-day revelation of understanding that each of us has a spiritual inheritance to claim and possess because of what was accomplished and fulfilled by Christ through the Cross. You might be asking, “Well, just how do I receive that inheritance?” or “How do I know that I truly have a spiritual inheritance?”

I am going to answer both possible questions because I believe it is vitally important to understand, especially in this season, that you are a child of the King, and because of that, you have a royal inheritance due to the shedding of the blood of Jesus.

You Are Royalty

Imagine yourself being a King’s child with an inheritance that is connected to the Kingdom governed by a King. Of course, I am referring to the King of Kings—Jesus Christ, the Son of God—who died not only to remove your sins as far as the east is from the west but also to leave you a rich and royal inheritance.

Actually, when we were saved or born again, this inheritance became fully intact—or legal for us to receive. Consider this: Someone usually has to die in order for an heir to receive an inheritance, right? Well, Christ died to leave you the blessings and inheritance that are directly connected to your salvation. Yes! The word for “salvation” is sozo. Sozo is a Greek word that means not only “to save” but also “to deliver and protect.” According to Strong’s Concordance, sozo is also interpreted to include healing, doing well and being made whole! Back up and reread what Jesus did to give you your inheritance! You can be completely whole due to the shed blood of Jesus.

That is very exciting news, isn’t it? However, the key issue is that many of us do not truly believe we are worthy of such a divine gift.

The Old and New Covenant

In the Old Testament, God laid out a divine plan to restore His people back to Himself through what is known as the Mosaic Law. This Law required the shedding of blood as a sacrificial offering to cover the sins of mankind. Most of us are aware that after the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden that God Himself prepared the first blood sacrifice. Adam and Eve were ashamed, due to their sin, and attempted to “cover” themselves with fig leaves. However, the covering mankind attempts to provide for himself is unacceptable to God. Only God can adequately deal with our sin, and that requires the shedding of blood just as it has from the Garden.

God so desired fellowship with man that He, Himself, shed the blood of animals and brought their skins to provide a covering for the sins of Adam and Eve. This act was the way God “redeemed” mankind from sin—through the shedding of blood. This became a foreshadowing of a covenant with all mankind. In the Old Testament, after the Law was given, the blood of lambs and other animals was required to make mankind “righteous.” But please note that the blood of animals was atonement (cover) for sin, but because it was only the blood of an animal, it had limited efficacy (see Leviticus 4:35; 5:10; Psalm 85:2). When Jesus was born, however, He was destined to be our sacrificial lamb, born to die for our sins. His death at the Cross didn’t simply “cover” sin forward a year—no! It completely “removed” the sins of mankind—forever! (see John 1:291 John 1:7Revelation 1:5).

Once again, only God Himself can completely eradicate sin. God covered mankind in the Garden with His covenant promises of protection and care with the skins of an animal He slew. Again, in the New Testament, God sent His Son, who became the Lamb that was slain on behalf of our sins, as an ultimate sacrifice forever. Dear one, please understand this important fact: Jesus died to give you a royal inheritance that includes all that heaven has to offer us—all part of sozo! The New Covenant was a covenant between God and mankind that required the blood of Jesus to cover our sins of yesterday, today and forever!

You Are Destined to Rule and Reign

As I have stated earlier, you are a child of the King! Thus, when Christ died for your sin, you were automatically an inheritor of all of the Kingdom blessings. One of those blessings is the divine ability to rule and reign on this earth. Romans 5:17 helps us build on this foundation: “For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ” (emphasis added).

Please notice and remember this important detail concerning our inheritance—we are only righteous due to the shed blood of Christ. No human effort or religious works are sufficient to make us holy or righteous. No! We become clothed with divine righteousness because of the finished work of Christ. Now that you understand that, as a believer, you are already righteous—no matter what your past sins were. You can also rest assured that you are completely forgiven and that you now have access to your royal lineage and inheritance.

Also, you are equipped and empowered to rule and reign in life through Jesus Christ! The word reign in this passage makes reference to “ruling as a king.” If you are a King’s kid, then you are also “royalty.” Therefore, you have a royal inheritance due to what was accomplished at the Cross! We can conclude that because of the gift of righteousness Christ gave us through the shedding of His precious blood, we are also royalty and empowered to rule in life.

Jesus became the perfect sacrifice for us. This is the season for us to remember how a lamb’s blood was required during the initial exodus of the Jews from Egypt. The season of Passover reminds us that blood had to be shed so that any death structure (any evil assignment against us) that attempts to steal from our lives has to flee! Israel applied the blood of a lamb to the doorposts of their homes in complete obedience to the instructions given by God to Moses. But we know that it was a type and shadow of the Blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, applied to the doorposts of our hearts. Once we realize the price for sin was paid at the Cross, we can have confidence that when any sickness, disease, poverty, lack, etc., attempts to steal from us or rob us of our inheritance, this death structure has to recognize that a Life has already been extracted—a Life was taken, an Innocent for the guilty, and a Lamb was slain for the sacrifice for a household or family! There is power in the blood of Jesus to protect you, provide for you, heal you and deliver you. And it’s not just an inheritance for you—but also your family! Aren’t you thankful today for the obedience of Christ? I know that I certainly am—and I’m thankful that I recognize the fact that during this season I can receive even more revelation concerning the power of the blood. I am certain you can also!


The Power of the Blood


If we are living in the light, as God is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, cleanses us from all sin. — 1 John 1:7 NLT

Blood. Some people faint at the sight of it, but you couldn’t live without it!

Blood is made up of red and white blood cells floating in a liquid called plasma.

The red blood cells are a kind of delivery system. They carry oxygen and other nutrients to all the cells in your body, and then they carry away all the waste, like carbon dioxide. Blood is pumped through your body by the heart. Your heart is one strong muscle, and it’s fast too — it can pump blood to every cell in your body in less than a minute! Blood travels through tubes called blood vessels. The vessels that carry blood away from your heart are called arteries, while the ones that carry it back to your heart are called veins. The white blood cells are the warrior cells. They work together with your immune system to fight off germs and diseases.

Your blood is pretty powerful and important stuff! But the blood of Jesus is even more powerful. Because He is the Son of God, lived a perfect life, and never sinned — not even one single time — His blood can carry your sins away and give you the forgiveness you need to live forever with God. All you have to do is believe and obey Him. When Jesus gave His life for you on the cross, it was both terrible and beautiful—terrible for the way Jesus was hurt, but so beautiful for the gift of love and forgiveness and heaven He gave to you and me.

Lord, it’s hard to think about Jesus’ death on the cross, and I’m so sorry for all He suffered. But I am so grateful for His blood that washes my sins away.


Platelets are another very important part of your blood. (You say it the way it looks: PLATE-let.) When you get a cut or scrape, these little guys spring into action, sticking together to stop the ow of blood — called clotting. They not only keep blood inside your body but also keep germs out!

Power in the Blood

by Inspiration Ministries

“They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” Revelation 7:14 KJV

It seemed obvious and troubling to Lewis Jones. Many people knew about Jesus, but had never really committed their lives to Him. Many had a kind of cultural Christianity, but they had never been transformed by the Gospel. Many struggled, and never experienced real freedom from sin. Many never really enjoyed victorious living.

Born in Yates City, Illinois, on this day in 1865, he had spent most of his life working for the YMCA. An amateur hymn-writer, Jones knew how powerfully music could touch lives.

These thoughts filled his mind in 1899 while attending a camp meeting in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. In this camp setting, Jones wrote a hymn about the death of Jesus, a hymn built around a series of questions, hoping to stir men and women to ask themselves important questions.

His hymn asked, “Would you be free from the burden of sin? Would you o’er evil a victory win? Would you be free from your passion and pride? Would you be whiter, much whiter than snow? Would you do service for Jesus your King? Would you live daily His praises to sing?”

The hymn title gave the answer to every question: “There’s Power in the Blood.” This is the answer to being free from sin and burdens. If we want to live victoriously. If we want to be forgiven and cleansed and free. Because of the death of Jesus, we can “come for a cleansing to Calvary’s tide.” There, “sin stains are lost in its life giving flow.”

There still is power in the blood! Jesus died for you. He shed His blood that you might be freed from sin, and have access to God’s power. Power to save, heal, and deliver. Thank Him. Worship Him. Believe Him for miracles. Remember, there is wonder-working power in the blood!