A Different Kind Of Treasure

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Treasure in Your Sacks

by Upper Room Administrator on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When Joseph’s brothers discovered that silver had been put into their sacks, they were scared and worried about what would become of them. However, the steward told them, “Don’t be afraid. Your God, the God of your father, has given you treasure in your sacks; I received your silver” (Gen. 43:23, NIV). God gives us treasure, and we perceive it as garbage.

How many times do situations look grim to us, when in fact, they are for our good? Moving to South Korea three years ago for my husband’s job, to me, was anything but good. But God has shown me that I can bloom wherever I’m planted.

I’ve gotten to understand my husband more through learning his culture and getting to know his family. Hey, my Korean cooking has also improved. We attend a church for foreigners and can reach out to English-speaking families in Korea who might be here because of jobs.

And as a freelance writer, God has blessed my writing, keeping me busy with writing projects and upcoming books! I’m not only writing for American publishers, but even have one Korean publisher!

My children are blossoming, learning both Korean and American cultures. I’m homeschooling them since we’re too far from international schools. They attend taekwondo classes every week day for one hour and have advanced to the level right under black belt.

God has provided for our needs in every way. For example, going to the doctor and dentist are very cheap, compared with the U.S. One visit only costs maybe $5 and the same with the prescription. Plus, you’re in and out of the doctor’s clinic within 5-10 minutes!

Since we live right by the Han River, I can jog along the river walk and meditate on the beauty of God’s creation as I look at the mountains that surround us.

God, indeed, gave me a treasure by allowing me to experience this other country.

From: The Upper Room.

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