Angels With Us

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Something strange happened while I was on vacation with my wife and three children. Our old car was chugging up the mountains (in the rain) near Ashville, North Carolina. At times, we were holding up traffic on the two lane roads of that area. As we were approaching the crest of a steep hill, our car started to overheat and lose it’s coolant. We found a place to pull off the road (a rare occurrence on those roads) and wondered what to do because we did not have a car phone and we were far away from help. We began to quietly pray. Just beyond our view a man came walking toward our position. He was picking berries (in the rain!)  around the next curve and saw us and thought we needed help. With kindness and grace, he began to look under the hood of the car to find the cause of the problem . He observed that one of the hoses broke which caused it to boil over. He explained that we could roll down the hill to a garage without calling a wrecker, and he went on his way. We did what he said, rolling down the hill directly into the garage he described. The owner of the shop listened to our story with keen interest and then fixed our vehicle.

Later as we got back on the road, we wondered about the incident. We didn’t remember seeing a car. Where did he come from? He seemed to know us and was friendly and happy even as he worked on our steaming vehicle. The owner of the repair shop listened as if others may have had similar accounts of help on the mountain. We could not have been treated better by each person we encountered. I think God was taking care of us. He always has. Whether a person or angel, God knows how to send help as He watches  over His children. I never had a calamity work out as smoothly as that one. I thank God for His answer to prayers even when they are inaudible. He is with us always.(Simposious).

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