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JOHN 1:29

The Holy Spirit’s prophetic anointing through these teachings is viewed as a refiner’s fire of greatest mercy for those who are passionately in love with their Redeemer and long to be separated unto Him. They uplift and magnify the glistening sword of His uncompromised word and the cleansing power of His atoning blood. These messages, with their warnings are preparations, for judgment will come upon all unrighteousness. His beloved will have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying as they continually count the cost to come outside the camp (the world) to willingly suffer for Messiah’s sake. They will not shrink back, but with obedience and wholehearted devotion they will follow Him wherever He leads.

“Come and taste and see how good Yahveh is as He equips you to overcome in faith, prayer, and holiness!

Come and taste and see how good He is as He equips and feeds you from His pure banqueting table! His messages have the power to shake everything from you that needs to be shaken and cast aside, that you might run the race that is set before you. Your life is to be lived, making the most of every opportunity, for the glory and honor of Yahshua (Jesus) alone. If you struggle with worldly perspectives, preoccupations, desires and ambitions, His hand of delivering mercy will break the chains that bind you as you pray the Spirit-led prayers filled with His spotlight of truth. You will also find that many of the Scripture passages are repeated and magnified—may their truths be etched in your heart, setting you free.

Glory is to be given to the Righteous One who will guide and lead your heart to godly repentance as He helps you recognize sin. He will humbly teach you to trim back your wicks, fill your lamps with the oil of His Spirit, and be found prepared and eagerly waiting for His glorious return (referencing Matthew 25:7). His redeemed remnant will have the privilege to bear colossal fruit that will eternally remain for their Father’s glory! Throughout this devotional, Yahshua’s (Jesus’s) Spirit will be the One drawing you ever upward as He continually teaches you to live, breathe, and have your being completely in Him and Him alone.

Where is the Lamb?

6 Bible verses about Lamb Of God

Scripture Reading — Genesis 22:1-14

“The fire and wood are here,” said Isaac, “but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” — Genesis 22:7

I was a young boy when I first heard this story about Isaac. I remember the picture in the story Bible my mother read, showing Abraham raising his knife over the altar. Our focus today is on Isaac’s question, “Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”

Though God graciously provided a ram in place of Isaac, it was not “the Lamb.” Later, hundreds of lambs were sacrificed on the night of the Passover to deliver God’s people from slavery in Egypt (Exodus 12). Later still, thousands more were sacrificed in the temple in obedience to God’s commands for offerings. Yet Isaac’s question remained: “Where is the lamb?”

Years later, Isaiah prophesied that the people’s true salvation would come through a lamb who would pour out his life and bear the sin of many (Isaiah 53). But God’s people continued to wait.

Then—more than 700 years after Isaiah—while John the Baptist was baptizing people in the Jordan River, he pointed to Jesus and cried out, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29).

Christmas Day is coming. Let us joyfully celebrate the birth of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, the Lamb, who died and rose again to take away our sins and give us new life forever!


Lord, we eagerly look for that day when Christ will return and we will sing with the angels, “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive . . . honor and glory and praise!” (Revelation 5:12). Amen.


The Sacrificial Lamb

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Hebrews 10:1-14

God’s grace has no limits. His mercy can reach the darkest part of our heart. What’s more, the forgiveness Jesus offered on the cross stretches back to earth’s first day and forward to its last. Christ not only erased our past, present, and future sin; He also paid for the wrongs of every generation.

When the Israelites brought a goat or a lamb to the temple for a sacrifice, they placed their hands on its head and confessed their sins. The priest then killed the animal and sprinkled some of its blood on the altar of atonement. The ritual symbolized a confessor’s payment for sin. But the lamb could not actually take on the sin and die in place of the Israelite (Heb. 10:4).

If an animal’s blood could actually erase a sin-debt, we’d still be offering those frequent sacrifices and Jesus’ death would have been unnecessary. Yet we must remember that though the act itself had no saving power, the ritual of sacrifice was God’s idea (Lev. 4:1-35). He established such offerings as a powerful illustration of the seriousness and penalty of sin. The practice also pointed to Christ’s perfect sacrificial death on our behalf and the salvation He offers. To use a modern metaphor, sacrifice can be thought of as similar to a credit card. God accepted the lamb’s blood as temporary payment. When the bill came due, Jesus Christ paid the sin-debt in full.

Modern believers do practice certain biblical rituals, but we are not pardoned through prayer, Bible reading, or even the act of confession. Like the Israelites, we must also look to a lamb—the Lamb of God. When we receive Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins, we are forgiven forever.



Bible Verses about 'Sacrifice'

Fri, April 08, 2022

The Lamb of God

That ancient priestly system was not perfect. It was only the shadow of a perfect, eternal priesthood to be brought about by the Savior-Priest, Jesus Christ, the eternal Son. Every priest in the order of Levi knew only too well his own sin. This was the point of the breakdown. When that priest stood before God in the holiest place to present an atonement for the sins of the people, he was face-to-face as well with the reality of his own failures and shortcomings.

In our own day, we recognize what this means to us as liberated and forgiven believers. Singing the hymnody of Isaac Watts, we revel in Christ’s atonement and God’s forgiveness:

Not all the blood of beasts On Jewish altars slain, Could give the guilty conscience peace, Or wash away the stain.

But Christ, the heavenly Lamb, Takes all our sins away A sacrifice of nobler name, And richer blood than they.

The Old Testament priest knew that the ritual of sacrifice could not completely atone for sins or change man’s sinful nature. In that priestly system, God “covered” the sin until the time when Christ would come. Christ, the Lamb of God, would completely bear away the sin of the world.

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