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Dreams vs Success


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dreams vs success


I am a dreamer
how many of us who manage to say these words above.
I have dreams to achieve.
do we have dreams as individuals or we dream as a crowd
we need to serve our dream, feed it and sharpen it.
how many of us who dream each and everyday but fail to serve the dream in order for it to grow daily. we don’t take actions towards our dreams is there anything we afraid of or we live in the environment that destroys our characteristics and what we capable of.

most of us start to dream at a young age, we always want to be doctors ,nurses , police man.
were is the same confident that we had in childhood , it faded away just like that no. don’t panic when you fail to achieve your dreams. failure is to begin again more intelligently.
take the required actions for your dreams, don’t look at your dream coming to an end without pushing hard for it to not fade away.

a dream is something that we all want to achieve in future, the future starts today , it doesn’t start after ten years. you start to build your future now, you don’t have to seat back and relax because you think that time is by your side. time and time waits for no man, the time you waste today will cause you tomorrow. dreaming without actions is like telling a car to start without a key, is very important to drive our dreams, let us be the driver of our success as well. success doesn’t come to those who seat back and think that success will follow them. follow your success today, it doesn’t matter what kind if a family you come from. the ball is in your court you can turn that two room house into a mention house, that shack into a double story building.

forget about your yesterday and think about your today and tomorrow. the journey of success isnot as easy as we think is a hard journey that need us to be strong enough to face the upcoming storms like an eagle. the eagle it doesn’t fly away from the storms but it face it and come out as a champion. you can also achieve your success and dreams if only you can keep your eyes to the rewards and never turn away from it.

From: www.inspire21.com