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Teaching Young Kids




Teaching young kids the pass it on idea

I’m a volunteer in an elementary school day care center in Holland and i have watched pieces of the movie pay it forward.
The idea was so heartwarming that i decided to pass it on in my class.(children in the age 6 to 8 years)
One day one of the children forgot his lunch package and had nothing to eat so i shared my lunch with him.
while eating i talked about the pay it forward idea and 4 of the children clearly noticed that the boy had to perform 3 acts of kindness to people in need.
A couple of months passed and the children came to me talking about acts of kindness they had been doing on their own: a few kids had set up a dog-service to help people in their neighborhood walking their dogs. of the children had started to clean the street of snow to prevent people from falling.
a few people had given him money to thank him and he donated the total to kika( kika is a dutch organisation who helps parents and children with cancer and develops new treatment methods) it seems that the idea is growing and getting bigger everyday and i’m so grateful to discovered this site to share this with you.”

By: Irma Schaap , inspire.com.